Our Tumbling Program


Our preschool classes are offered to athletes ages five and under.
Requirements: Age three or potty trained
FBI’s preschool group is an excellent start for your little athlete. During class, athletes will work on their coordination, strength, and balance. As well as learning to name, identify, and execute basic skills.
We know this age group is the beginning for many athletes; we focus heavily on taking turns, listening and following directions, and allowing them to ask questions.
A strong foundation creates strong athletes!

All Level Tumbling

Our tumbling program is unlike any other; our class days and times are open to all ages and experiences. We do this to ensure there is a class time and day that works for everyone. Once athletes are in class, we will divide them into groups based on skill level. There will always be a group and time for your athlete regardless of the chosen day. Our classes are taught based on four levels.

Beginner (level 1)

At this level, we teach athletes the foundation skills of tumbling. We focus on creating and maintaining good tumbling habits and learning to use balance to control their bodies.
Training examples: forward rolls, back rolls, bridge holds, cartwheels, handstands

Advanced beginner (level 1.5)

This level is a transition group between the athletes that are new to the sport and those that have some experience. Athletes begin to focus and learn to understand their strength while improving body control.
Training examples: backbends, kick overs, front limber, handstand holds, round-offs, etc.

Intermediate (level 2)

Intermediate athletes will refine what they have learned in the beginner group and use their knowledge to start learning more challenging and strength-focused skills. Athletes begin to understand the importance of timing and speed while maintaining a strong body and positive attitude.
Training examples: Back walkovers, front walkovers, power round-offs, etc.

Accelerated (level 3)

Athletes now begin refining timing, speed, and body control; they start adding in stamina and bravery. Athletes will begin to do connected tumbling passes and learn to combine skills.
Training examples: back handsprings, round-off back handsprings, front handsprings, punch fronts, etc.

Advanced (level 4)

Athletes in our advanced group continue to work towards their tumbling goals. They are learning and mastering those more complex skills.
Training examples: tucks, layouts, fulls, etc.


Blue Tuition

$20 Tuition Discount for Siblings and/or Multiple Classes.

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